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Where only one meeting in one city is possible on a commercially-scheduled airline itinerary, a corporate jet allows two or three business encounters in the same day, with the bonus of usable work time on the aircraft between destinations, since privacy and discretion are priorities on a corporate aircraft. The returns to the company that invests in its own aircraft, either through ownership or charter are great. 

Private jet charters allow greater flexibility when traveling for business and provide service to hundreds of airports that commercial airlines do not have access to. This places employees on the ground closer to where they need to be. As a result, this generates savings in ground transportation and quite often in accommodation fees as well. It also enables employees to bypass agonizing long airport lines, economizing businesses and its employees in terms of time, stress and money. 

Did you know that traveling in groups can actually cost less than a commercial flight? A full retail first class ticket, from Boston to San Diego can cost about $3,500 for one seat. A one-way flight in a 12 passenger GIV jet can cost as little as $25,000 for the whole plane…this comes to a little over $2,000 a seat. The next time you need to get a group coast to coast… give us a call and find out if it makes sense for your itinerary.

Cost is the bottom line concern of most businesses. The costs of executive private jet charters are comparable, in many instances, to first class flight tickets per person with the benefit of the time saving process of leaving on your timetable with the ability to drive almost right up to the jet for boarding, rather than going through prolonged security checkpoints at the airport. Private planes can generally fly directly to the location where you need to conduct business. This saves time and money for employees as car rentals can often be bypassed. More importantly, though, your team can continue working, in private, throughout the flight on private jets, something that’s simply impossible to do on commercial airlines. This makes the travel time itself productive. Empty legs flights, which are return "legs" of flights where passengers only chartered a one-way passage, are another way to save money on a executive jet charter. 

Unfortunately because we manage so many aircraft and there are so many airports worldwide, we are unable to give specific rates for each jet and each destination around the world.



  • Hawker Beechcraft 400 XP: NY to Miami: $16,500. 
  •  Bombardier Learjet 45: NY to Miami: $16,500. 
  •  Bombardier Learjet 60:  NY to Miami: $22,950. 
  •  Cessna Citation XL 560: NY to Miami: $23,500. 
  •  Hawker 800XP: NY to Miami: $24,500. 
  •  Embraer 135 Legacy: NY to Miami: $37,700. NY to LA: $75,000. 
  •  Dassault Falcon 900:  NY to Miami $36,350. NY to LA $73,500. NY to Paris: $105,000. 
  •  Gulfstream 450: NY to Miami $34,725. NY to LA $69,700. NY to Paris: $100,500. 
  •  Gulfstream 550: NY to Miami $44,425. NY to LA $89,500. NY to Paris: $128,000. 
  •  Bombardier Challenger 605: NY to Miami $32,575. NY to LA $63,775. NY to Paris: $92,500. 

Our private jet charter team delivers a custom, one-on-one, collaborative experience to busy corporate executives, executive assistants and leisure flyers. Our services cater to private business and leisure travelers across the globe, working to arrange charter flights anywhere in the United States, Caribbean and around the world. We’re committed to arranging the best charter flights while maintaining the highest standards regarding safety, privacy and comfort.




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