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Private Jet Aircraft Charters

In business, there is only one non-renewable commodity - time. Studies show that the time of a top-level corporate executive (when converted into a dollar figure by weighing their relative value to the company's bottom line) can be thousands of dollars per hour. This explains why most of the Fortune 1000 companies operate their own corporate aircraft, use private jet charter or both.

At Executive Fliteways, we understand that our private jet charter service does not simply provide air transportation from point A to point B, but that our purpose is to increase the productive time in a business day.

Where only one meeting in one city was possible on a scheduled airline itinerary, a private jet or aircraft charter flight may allow two or three business encounters in the same day, with the bonus of usable work time on the aircraft between destinations, since privacy and discretion are priorities on an air charter flight. 

The returns to the company that invests in its own corporate aircraft, either through ownership or private jet charter are great: 

  •  You set the departure time (and you can change it) 
  •  No crowded airport terminals - just a comfortable waiting area 30 feet from your aircraft 
  •  No missed or canceled flights - we wait on you - not the other way around 
  •  Complete privacy and confidentiality - you value your privacy - it means everything to us too 
  •  No unnecessary overnights - fly in the morning and you can be home by dinner 
  •  Reduced exposure to delays - we fly when you tell us to fly 
  •  No lost baggage - your baggage is right there in the cabin with you 
  •  No traffic jams - we are centrally-located on Long Island and far from the Long Island 
  •  You select and personalize your meals and drinks - your menu is tailored to your tastes 
  •  Ramp-side car service right next to the aircraft - you can't get any closer to your aircraft 

The result is a truly seamless, hassle-free travel experience where you arrive safe, sound and well rested. Taking all of these negative aspects out of the travel equation results in satisfied, more productive personnel. Learn more about why it is smarter to charter.


The convenience and luxury of flying in your own private charter is enhanced by the in-flight passenger experience. Your time is valuable and we ensure that the time you spend with us is exactly how you want it. From the moment you board our private jet aircraft until the moment you reach your destination, our goal is to provide you with the best service and comfort possible. 

Our cabin safety attendants will not only ensure you physical well-being; they also ensure that your trip is everything you want it to be.

Traveling between business meetings? Most of our aircraft are equipped with WIFI systems. Prepare for your next appointment on board or unwind with a movie on our on board DVD/LCD entertainment system. Looking to really relax? The bed on our Gulfstream IV offers true comfort and since this is your own private charter, nobody will bother you. Looking for some refreshments? The cabin safety attendants can provide you with complimentary beverages and snacks. 

Moreover, if you prefer, you can have just about anything you desire catered for your private charter. Contact a charter representative at 1.800.533.3363 or electronically to discuss catered meals or any other special request you may have for your next private air charter with Executive Fliteways.


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