Seamless, Worldwide Private Jet Aircraft Charter Flights


Private Jet Aircraft Charter Flights

From the moment you walk on board, your chartered aircraft and crew are exclusively yours, operating on your schedule. With a private jet from Executive Fliteways, you can fly direct or schedule stops in several different cities in one day - your travel plan is our command. With us, you can eliminate crowded terminals, baggage hassles, rigid timetables and missed flights. You can work in privacy or simply stretch out and relax with the on-board entertainment systems or Wi-Fi available on most of our aircraft.

When our aircraft management clients choose to operate their aircraft in accordance with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation regulations, they have the option of offering their aircraft to EFI?s extensive charter client list. This option turns the aircraft and crew into an income-producing asset that can help defray some of the fixed operating costs as well as the costs of owner flights under Part 91. In fact, the large majority of private aircraft owners certify their aircraft under Part 135, if only to charter to a related entity under an arms-length-agreement.

EFI is your personal flight department for all private charter flights. We offer the utmost privacy before, during and after your executive jet charter. Never lose your baggage; always arrive rested and stress-free at your destination. Simply fill out your trip requirements and an EFI booking specialist will respond quickly with your charter quote.


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