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Evacuation And Rescue Flights

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Aircraft Charters For Corporations, Businesses Or Pleasure

Political dangerous weather, political upheavel, civil unrest, revolution, natural disasters and travel disruption often means chartering a private flight is the only way to leave an area quickly and safely. EFI has organized many relief and evacuation flights by private jet and helicopter and is very experienced with dealing with chaotic travel situations.

General Guidelines for Travel Emergencies

Be Prepared, decide and Act Early, Leave ASAP

"If in doubt, get out" has been the international community advice. With airlines over-booking and cancelling flights at short notice, you cannot be assured that a reservation will guarantee your departure. The earlier you make the decision to leave the higher the probability you will be successful.

Use Regional Airports - Avoid the crowds

Often it is a country's main international airport that gets closed first and the smaller regional airports are usually kept open for longer. Most airlines will be already committed to using the main international airport, so not only will the main hubs be extremely incredibly busy but travelling to them by road will likely involve substantial delays. Private jet charters have a proven agility during travel disruption, utilizing many more airports than airlines and can use smaller regional airports with shorter runways whenever possible.

Reduce cost - Fly to the nearest safe country

The cost of flying home by private jet can be substantially more than evacuating to the nearest safe country.

Documentation - Scan your documents

Obtaining flight permits can be delayed if passenger information is not complete or supplied in full at the time of application. Having passports, corporate IDs and medical documentation pre-scanned and online is advisable. You may also find it useful to have copies of these documents or have present instructions for access to representatives outside of the country, as internet access can become restrictive or may not be available from within the region.

Group together - Fill the seats

When chartering an aircraft you must pay for the whole aircraft (not per passenger), so it becomes a more pleasing prospect to share these costs with other persons. In situations of travel disruption such as evacuations, places such as the hotel lobby can be a focal point to find fellow passengers who may wish to share the price of the charter for a spare seat on your aircraft.

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The rigors of personal or corporate travel on the scheduled airlines have caused many business travelers to access the convenience and flexibility of corporate aircraft charters. Since 1981, Executive Fliteways has provided upscale, personalized, seamless service to its corporate and leisure clientele. With one call, email or form submission, immediate itinerary and price information is available from our knowledgeable charter sales representatives, who will also make arrangements for hotels, ground transportation and in-flight catering as required.

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