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EFI's Terms of Service

First: Thank you for choosing Executive Fliteways as your charter provider. In order to ensure that your travel experience meets your expectations, please review the following provisions thoroughly.

  •  To help ensure an on-time arrival, please try to arrive at the FBO at least 15 minutes prior to your requested departure time.
  •  All passengers appearing to be 18 years of age or older are required to show the flight crew a government issued ID (driver's license or a passport) prior to boarding the aircraft.
  •  For international travel, a valid passport is required for all passengers regardless of age.
  •  A minor child traveling internationally without both parents present will need a notarized letter, from the parent NOT on the flight, authorizing the minor child to be transported to or from the United States.
  •  Children that are two years of age or older must be provided an individual seat on the aircraft.
  •  If a child is less than 40 inches tall or 40 pounds it is strongly recommended you travel with an FAA approved car seat (booster seats and lap belts are not approved). To determine if your car seat is approved for use on an aircraft, check the side of your toddler's car seat for the safety sticker. It should contain a sentence ? usually in red ? which states that the seat is authorized for use in motor vehicles as well as aircraft.
  •  All passenger baggage must have an attached ID tag with the name of a passenger listed on the manifest.
  •  All baggage and carry-on items are subject to search by the flight crew or TSA and as such must be free of all prohibited items per Federal Regulations. You can find a complete list of prohibited/permitted items by going to the following website (or you may call your charter representative to determine if a specific item may be carried on the aircraft)
  •  Executive Fliteways has approved procedures to permit the transportation of firearms aboard the aircraft with at least 48 hours of prior notification. Under no circumstances will unsecured weapons be permitted in the cabin of the aircraft nor can they be accessible to the passengers in flight. 
  •  Please contact your Executive Fliteways? charter representative should you require further information or have any questions regarding your upcoming charter flight.



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