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Experience these benefits of flying privately for yourself

Private Security Line: Hate going through customs? Spending two hours waiting in line only to have an x-ray machine blast you in front of multiple security officials certainly isn’t most people’s idea of a picnic. Worse yet is the sheer dread of what might happen if something (like an old-school metal leg implant) sets off the detectors, requiring a more hands-on look. Flying privately means most airports will grant you access to private customs and security officials instead. There’s next to no waiting in line — you’re only limited by how many people who are flying with you — and smoother checks. Expect clearance to take just a few minutes rather than up to two hours, no matter where you’re flying from. That’s enough reason for many people to fly charter instead.

Less Wasted Time: Flying privately also means less wasted time at the airport. Rather than showing up three hours before your flight, you can typically show up just an hour or even 30 minutes beforehand instead. Once you arrive, most international airports usher you to the private flyer’s lounge, where you can curl up with a good book, grab gourmet food, attend to business in a quiet corner, or in some cases, even catch a nap. Once you’re on the airplane and in the air, it’s up to you how you spend your flying time. Enjoy champagne, work on next week’s report, call someone and close a business deal, or just lay back and enjoy a movie. There’s no need to worry about body odors, crying babies (unless they’re your own), or unruly passengers distracting you along the way. The peaceful nature of charter flights makes them best-in-class for business flyers who just don’t have even a moment of time to spare.

Fly When It’s Best For YOU: Commercial flights rely upon a schedule; they have to leave and land within a certain time frame to stay on track. Unfortunately for you, that leaves little room to adjust your flight to best match your schedule. An extended meeting, bad weather, traffic, or even snafus before the family leaves home can all set you behind schedule and cause you to miss your flight. Thinking of flying on special occasions or holidays? Expect to book months in advance to secure a seat in an over-packed airplane. It’s stuffy, stressful and just about as far from a vacation as you can possibly imagine. With private flying, you can fly out whenever you like — 7 a.m., 10 p.m., or even 2 p.m. in the afternoon. You designate the take-off time and often, can adjust it in advance to compensate for unforeseen circumstances. This is one situation where money really can buy you happiness.

Dine Like a Celebrity: Fun fact: many private charter planes really belong to celebrities, who market them out to make money. When flying privately, you’ll have access to the same amazing gourmet meal and champagne service as the owner. Enjoy filet mignon, dig into fresh lobster, or eat delicate sweet treats and cheese as you sip an expensive fine wine. Five-star dining on board the plane is well-worth the additional cost all by itself.

Stay Comfortable and Cozy: Flying privately affords you the utmost in comfort. You’ll slip into cushiony-soft seats with free space all around you. Seats often boast buttery-soft leathers with fully-reclining bed positions built in. Soft feather pillows and blankets keep you warm and comfortable so you wake up at your destination feeling rested and relaxed, not cramped and jet lagged.

Unique Decadence? : Yes, It’s possible. When nothing but the very best will do, book a private luxury charter. These planes boast some of the most ultra-luxurious experiences and amenities in the industry, taking private flying to the next level. Depending on the private charter you choose, it’s possible to enjoy an experience similar to the Air Emirate’s $60,000 First Class luxury experience, complete with private sleeping cabins, five-course gourmet meals, complimentary Dom Perignon, VIP bag checking at start and end points and even personalized services for unique requests and needs. Best of all, since you’re flying privately, you get to enjoy it in the company of only those you invite.

Complete and Utter Privacy: There’s a reason government officials and celebrities choose private flying: it’s the only truly private flying experience. Because there’s no one on board but you and the people you invite to come along, you can talk freely about anything. You can talk of confidential work reports, how much you love your newlywed bride, or even just personal life details. There’s no need to worry about information getting into the wrong hands or embarrassing public situations.

Land in Private or Smaller Airstrips: Commercial flying leaves very little room for adventurous spirits to land in unique places. Most airlines only land at international or major airports and anyone wanting to stop off or land at a smaller or private airstrip is essentially out of luck. With private flying, you have an extended range of plane and flying choices. Whether you’re keen on spending time in fly-in fishing destinations like Algoma in Canada’s great white north or you’re heading to a remote and private island in the Caribbean, private flying will provide you with many more options. This includes incredible destinations on home soil like Monument Valley, Utah, or the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Or check out Catalina Island in California and Gaston’s White River Resort in Arkansas. It isn’t always about flying by jet; sometimes it’s about accessing the world’s most special destinations.

Flying privately makes you the star of your own travel experience. You’ll avoid the crowds, enjoy dedicated support and service and find yourself pampered from the moment you book your service until you depart at your destination. Whether you’re planning to fly around the world with your sweetheart or you’re just trying to get to Tokyo for a business meeting, nothing matches private flying for both convenience and traveler experience.

Our Private Jet Charter Fleet

Light PRIVATE Jets: 8 Passengers

A light jet is a category of small jets seating anywhere from 4 to 8 people (depending on configuration) and often with a maximum takeoff weight of under 10,000 pounds. Light jets are considered the lightest business jets and are approved for single pilot operation. Light jets are ideal for shorter trips for business meetings or family getaways.

Midsized PRIVATE Jets: 10 Passengers

Midsized jets – also referred to as mid-sized jets, are great for long distance travel such as transcontinental flights or trips requiring larger passenger capacity (depending on configuration). Unlike a light jet rental, Mid-size private jets are incredibly versatile private aircraft, combining the comfort and space of larger personal planes, with the speed and agility of small private jets. Private jet speeds help the aircraft travel a range of over 5,000 nautical miles and typically seats 7 to 10 passengers.

Super MidsIZED JETS: 16 Passengers

Super mid-sized jets are designed to comfortably accommodate from 8 to 16 passengers (depending on configuration) - with substantial baggage space. Super mids can be chartered for international, non-stop transcontinental or mid-range travel with an average flight range of up to 9 hours of flight time - or 4,500 miles - in optimum conditions.

Large PRIVATE Jets: 16 Passengers

Large cabin jets have a cabin height of over six feet. Cabin width varies from nearly seven to over eight feet, while cabin length can range from 28 feet to nearly 50 feet. With endurance of 8 to 10 hours, many large cabin jets - like the Falcon 900 - are also designed for longer range flights such as New York to Paris. Large cabin jet cabin amenities can include WiFi, private lavatory, PlayStation video games, satellite phone, cabin attendant and a full galley.

Turbo Props: 10 Passengers

What sets turbo props apart is their versatility. Unlike other private jets, planes with a turbo prop engine don’t need a full runway for landing and take off; a short grass airstrip is more than enough. Which makes them perfect for taking the route less traveled. Made for short to medium journeys, turbo prop planes can land on grass airstrips and short runways. Turboprops are an economical way to fly, with room for eight to ten passengers.

Helicopters: 13 Passengers

While there are many reasons to take a chartered helicopter flight - the fact that for most it is a once in a lifetime experience is probably the most prominent. Helicopter flight in itself is an adventure that most people find thrilling. Making use of helicopter flights is also a great way to mark a special occasion and create new memories that will make a special day even more special.

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