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Sometimes we need to fly a client one way and that means we have an empty cabin available for people in that area who may be interested in flying back to or from our home airport in Islip, or Westchester, NY or Terterboro, NJ. These are called ‘empty leg’ flights and these flights are available at significant discounts. It’s your opportunity to enjoy a last-minute private jet experience at only a fraction of the price. When one of our fleet aircraft has a private jet empty legs we offer it to the market. We often have empty sectors available on our charter aircraft. For details on any of the empty legs listed below please contact our charter departments or visit our charter quote page to receive a full quotation on your next charter trip.

When a private charter jet is booked for a one-way flight, an empty leg becomes available for the return flight, because aircraft must fly empty to return to their previous destination to pick up its next passengers. This means that by booking wisely you could save up to 60% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter. This is why we developed an adaptive empty leg solution which analyses routes and diverts current empty flights to align with your requirements. This is better for the environment and allows you charter a flight at a reduced price.

Empty leg charter space becomes available when jets are scheduled to fly without passengers, usually back to their home airport or to their next destination in preparation for their next charter flight. One-way listings - or empty or dead legs - are based on scheduled aircraft location and destination, but exact routing is pretty flexible. If any of our current destinations are of interest to you, please contact our sales team for more information at 1.800.533.3363 or info@fly-efi.com.

The rigors of personal or corporate travel on the scheduled airlines have caused many business travelers to access the convenience and flexibility of corporate aircraft charters. Since 1981, Executive Fliteways has provided upscale, personalized, seamless service to its corporate and leisure clientele. With one call, email or form submission, immediate itinerary and price information is available from our knowledgeable charter sales representatives, who will also make arrangements for hotels, ground transportation and in-flight catering as required.

An 'empty leg' flight is one that flies a client one way and is empty on the way there or the way back When one of our fleet aircraft has a private jet empty legs we offer it to the market. We often have these empty sectors available on a lot of our charter aircraft. For further details on any empty legs see the list below and please contact our charter departments or visit our charter quote page to receive a full quotation on your next charter trip. 

Due to the constant fluctuation in scheduling for empty leg flights, generally speaking, they are not the type of charter most recommended for business travelers who have an already tightly packed calendar. However, if you happen to be needing a flight to a destination and can somewhat go with the flow, these flights can at times be purchased at discounts up to 60 percent off the original price point of the flight and are therefore extremely beneficial to businesses and professionals who operate under a more lackadaisical approach.

Misconceptions regarding an empty leg flight are that often times the flights are strictly between the same departing and arriving airport, however EFI partners with a number of nationally and internationally located service providers, we can arrange empty leg flights for almost any destination, even on a global scale. If we cannot locate an empty leg flight to your desired destination, consider opting for a one-way charter, which is extremely similar with the exception of a couple of variables. One ways are not always offered at the exact same locations nor are they possessing of the same deep discount price as an empty leg but they are a suitable more cost effective option than a traditional charter flight regardless. 

Empty leg seats provide clients with the opportunity to experience the convenience, flexibility and comfort that are the pillars of the Executive Fliteways experience. At EFI, we explore every option for your itinerary, we examine thousands of empty leg flights in the USA as well as Empty Leg Flights in Europe and this list is always being updated. Please see below some of the empty leg flights that are available, if you do not see your exact routing please contact us to discuss your itinerary for an Empty Leg Special. Please note that empty leg flights are not scheduled flights and are subject to change and the aircraft and route can change. To lower the cost we do not need an exact routing match, a similar route can still significantly lower the cost of private jet travel. We pride ourselves on providing the best prices and worldwide empty leg flights.

Over 35 percent of private jet charter flights have an empty leg. That number rises even higher in European charters. When clients choose to book a one-way private jet the aircraft must return to its point of origin or regional hub with no passengers on board. Charter operators and owners offer these ‘empty leg’ flights to the private jet charter marketplace at deeply discounted prices. For clients whose schedules provide them with a degree of flexibility, empty leg charters deliver savings over standard private jet charter prices, even greater if the empty leg is purchased at the last minute.

Call ahead for information on when private jet empty leg charter flights may become available.



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