Empty Leg Jet Flights

Over 35 percent of private jet charter flights have an empty leg. That number rises even higher in European charters. When clients choose to book a one-way private jet the aircraft must return to its point of origin or regional hub with no passengers on board. Charter operators and owners offer these ‘empty leg’ flights to the private jet charter marketplace at deeply discounted prices. For clients whose schedules provide them with a degree of flexibility, empty leg charters deliver savings over standard private jet charter prices, even greater if the empty leg is purchased at the last minute. 

Empty leg seats provide clients with the opportunity to experience the convenience, flexibility and comfort that are the pillars of the Executive Fliteways experience. At EFI, we explore every option for your itinerary, we examine thousands of empty leg flights in the USA as well as Empty Leg Flights in Europe and this list is always being updated. Please see below some of the empty leg flights that are available, if you do not see your exact routing please contact us to discuss your itinerary for an Empty Leg Special. Please note that empty leg flights are not scheduled flights and are subject to change and the aircraft and route can change. To lower the cost we do not need an exact routing match, a similar route can still significantly lower the cost of private jet travel. We pride ourselves on providing the best prices and worldwide empty leg flights. 


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