Cost Of A Private Jet Flight

Private jet travel. It’s amazing, isn't it? You can turn up at the airport 15 minutes before your scheduled take-off, meet your pilots, enjoy caviar – or whatever else that strikes your fancy – while you’re in the air and before you know it, you’ve arrived on time and in style. 

Flying privately has gotten easier – and more cost effective, with lower prices opening up the private jet market to even more users. There may be more than 30% of the nearly 135,000 private jet flights flying empty each month and these empty legs being sold by various chartered companies at discounted prices, being able to find flights that suit your travel requirements easily has been a challenge. EFI's platform allows customers to ask for an available flight to thousands of destinations across the world and see a guide price of how much it will cost. Typically empty leg flights cost up to 50%-60% less than a usual private jet flight. 


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