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Turboprops should be an appealing option for people or businesses that need to fly between general aviation airports that often have runways too short to accommodate larger jets. Turboprops do vary in size and the interior of a typical turboprop can accommodate up to about 8 people (depending on configuration) and is often configured similar to a small office, where co-workers can meet and make productive use of time en route to a destination.

Turboprops were designed to give the turbojet engine superior performance by adding the propelling function. Initially, the turbojet engine was designed to have efficient and superior performance at high speeds and high altitudes. While its initial climb and takeoff performance were not exemplary, the addition of propellers to these turbojet engines, turning them into turboprops, enabled them to provide a much better performance at medium speed and altitude as well. All in all, a turboprop engine brings together the performance attributes of a turbojet and propeller engine.

This combination makes them one of the top aircraft in the market in terms of performance.


King Air 90 >>

Passengers: 6 | Range: 1,321 nm


King Air 200 >>

Passengers: 10 | Range: 1,720 nm


King Air 300 >>

Passengers: 12 | Range: 4,220 nm


Pilatus >>

Passengers: 9 | Range: 1,845 nm

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