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Do More Fall Open House Visits

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Visit Multiple College Campuses On A Single Trip

The fall college 'open house season' is here. It’s time to think about visiting a few out-of-state colleges and universities. Open houses are more of a formal visit and usually include a campus tour, information sessions, interviews, class visits and maybe an overnight stay. This is usually your only chance to see for yourself the ‘things’ a brochure will not and cannot deliver on paper - like what the dorms are really like and what the food in the cafeteria is like or if there are tennis courts or what kind of equipment is in the gym?

But how do you see multiple colleges in such a short time? You capitalize on the hours you have and minimize the distances between the colleges. But how do you do that? You use private air transportation - the differences between campuses will soon become clear by remaining fresh in mind for easier comparison.

With a little planning, these college visits save time and can be a welcome family getaway spread out over the orchestrated weekend. Add in the opportunity to walk around together, see the facilities together, eat in the cafeteria together and get more opinions and viewpoints about each college ? and you will minimize the chance of choosing the wrong college and wasting even more time and money.

Give us a call at 1.800.533.3363 and we can figure out how you can visit more than 1 or 2 colleges in a weekend (without the 12-hour drives there and back) and save your future fall weekends for other ventures.


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The rigors of personal or corporate travel on the scheduled airlines have caused many business travelers to access the convenience and flexibility of corporate aircraft charters. Since 1981, Executive Fliteways has provided upscale, personalized, seamless service to its corporate and leisure clientele. With one call, email or form submission, immediate itinerary and price information is available from our knowledgeable charter sales representatives, who will also make arrangements for hotels, ground transportation and in-flight catering as required.

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