'Sin City' is one of the places where the exceedingly rich go to get away. Even in the age of cheap flights and hotels, Las Vegas still maintains its special status, offering the wealthy a host of indulgences that they are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. One of the most opulent places to stay is the Wynn. With separate check-in facilities, heightened security and award winning spas, this hotel ensures the rich are protected from the not-so-rich. The shopping facilities are exceptional, providing the affluent hotel resident with the opportunity to purchase from exclusive fashion lines such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Manolo Blahnik. If so inclined, the wealthy patron can even buy a Ferrari on site, making this one of the most luxurious places in the world to vacation.

Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options. Its main street and focal point is the Strip, just over 4 miles long. This boulevard is home to themed hotels with elaborate displays such as fountains synchronized to music as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal and the Eiffel Tower.


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