Southampton is a town located in long island, Suffolk county, New York. It is famous as a beach town in the USA. If you are in New York now and trying to find beaches where you can swim or do water sport, you should go to Southampton. However, Southampton is not all about beaches. The history behind it is always interesting to explore, from the history of the name to the Shinnecock Indians. Whoever you are, a history lover or adrenaline rush adventurer, you will enjoy Southampton.

Cooper Beach: Another famous beach to visit in Southampton for those who love the bluish green water. Bring your RV and park near the shore to capture beautiful views from many angles. The same as other beaches in the world, this beach is also crowded in summer. But don’t over think it, just follow the road all the way to the end, you will find an amazing place. This beach combines sunbathing and fishing. So, don’t leave your fishing set behind, enjoy fishing while your partner chills under the umbrella. Bring the fish home and cook them for your dinner with the family.

The Hildreth's Shopping Area: Do you want to experience shopping in the oldest Shopping Center in the USA? Come to Southampton and buy your souvenirs from The Hildreth’s Shopping Center. Enter from Main Street and be dazzled by the beautiful display of elegant products of all kinds. You will find giftware, furniture, lamps, pocketbooks, a children’s department and an array of fine and sophisticated products. If you need a gift for family, friends or yourself, this is the store to visit. Totally unique.

Shinnecock Museum and Cultural Center: This is a small museum with local artifacts of the Shinnecock tribe and local history where you can learn about the tribe that lived here for thousands of years. The museum is housed in a newer log style building. The guide will explain to you every detail of the culture and lifestyle. There are some astonishing bronze artworks on the basement floor and interesting murals from each time period, as well as historical descriptions and artifacts. To see the village in the back, you’d better not come in winter, because the village will be closed. This museum is open every Friday and weekends only.


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