In 2012, Forbes ranked Alpine as America's most expensive ZIP Code with a median home price of $4.25 million, after being ranked 4th in the magazine's 2010 listing of "America's Most Expensive ZIP Codes", with a median home price of $3,814,885.In 2009, Forbes ranked Alpine first, along with Greenwich, Connecticut, with a median home price of $4.14 million. Alpine was tied with Greenwich for first in both 2006 and 2007 on the ABC News list of most expensive ZIP Codes, with a median home sale price of $3.4 million.

Thinking about what there is to do in Alpine? Maybe you should add some of these places to your itinerary. Cool as it may be your Dilbert poster is not art. So go and enjoy art as it should be experienced at Thomas Paine National Historic Museum. Going to the museum will totally surprise your family cause they didn't think you were that classy, so get a ticket to Museum of Bronx History, or Hiram Bauvelt Wildlife Art Museum. Alpine has a fantastic selection of historical landmarks for families with teens to explore. Naugle, Henry, House, Demarest, John R., House and also Tallman-Vanderbeck House, are certainly worth checking out.

Take it up a notch with something a little more exciting. An array of fun adventures are within reach of Alpine. Locate theme parks or are seeking something more extreme, the potential experiences are never ending. Pull the car out of the garage and have some fun, then blog about what a blast you had. Putting Edge is not too hard to get to, there's also Closter Golf Center or Hole in One Golf Inc while you're in town. Alpine has an interesting selection of local state parks and recreational opportunities for those who love the outdoors. Make your dog's day, get his leash on and bounce to Palisades State Park or maybe stop by Riverdale Branch New York Public Library and pick up a copy of Other Woman by Jill McGown, or some more casual reads and enjoy a great book and the scenery at Larkin Plaza. While you're in Alpine reviewers suggest experiencing pleasant surroundings at Wakelee Field.

After all this take a moment to re-energize Ice cream is not just for dessert anymore. Want to get chill and hit that sweet tooth? There's a zillion ways for you to get your ice cream jonez in town. You can find your ice cream fix at Cold Stone Creamery, or fall by Carvel - Ice Cream Stores- Yonkers for killer chocolate or simply some traditional hot fudge sundaes. After a day like this you deserve to relax a little. Want to find a place to chill and have some Corona's, or check out the scenery and get somewhat blitzed during your trip to Alpine. Taste something interesting perhaps a B, or perhaps a Topaz Sunrise. While in Alpine pull up a chair at Mooseheads, Bondys Tavern, or Brown Eyes Lounge.


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