Standing tall on the prairie, Lincoln is one of the great capitols of the American plains. Just 200 years ago, this eastern fringe of what’s now considered the American Midwest was still a land of swaying buffalo grass, roaring buffalo herds and Pawnee Indian settlements, engulfed by the territories of the Great Sioux. Intrepidly came the first pioneers and Lincoln rose as a small salt trading post on the prairie before becoming the state capital over Omaha in the 1850s. Cue two centuries of growth, boom (occasional bust too) and reinvention for Lincoln. The railroad brought workers and chugged away corn, the airfields brought fliers, the highways brought travelers and drifters heading out west. Slowly Lincoln became larger and more cosmopolitan, transforming into the curious medley of Midwestern charm, plains life and modernity it is today. Be sure to check out all these top things to do and see in the city, going from the obvious rises of the state capitol to the pretty hinterlands of the Cornhusker State!


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