Private Flights To La Paz, Bolivia


Bolivia doesn’t fall short when it comes to solo travel in South America. It’s incredibly rewarding for its dramatic landscapes, otherworldly sights and extremely inexpensive price-point. La Paz will have you feeling on top of the world (literally, it’s the highest capital city in the world). Whilst Bolivian street food vendors will become any solo adventurer’s best friend. Expect to feast on tucumanas (Bolivian-style empanada – salteñas – that have been deep fried)… YUM. And definitely drop by the wonderfully unique array of potions and herbal treatments at the Witches’ Market in El Alto, too (accessible from La Paz by cable car).

La Paz contrasts beautifully with the open salt flats of Salar de Uyuni where you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped off onto the surface of the moon. Solo travelers, forget the selfies. Lay your camera on the salt flats and use the backdrop of the endless salt flats to inspire some cool perspective shots.

Beyond the salt flats, the Amazon and Isla Del Sol offer the perfect dose of adventure and relaxation. You’ll find just what you’re looking for and then some in Bolivia. Not least because the cheapness draws in backpackers and the salt flat isolation draws in shared bus departures.


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