Travel To Santiago, Dominican Republic

Visit Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic Santiago de los Caballeros is a city in the north of the Dominican Republic. On a hilltop, the 1944 Monumento de Santiago, topped by a white column, is dedicated to the heroes of the Dominican Restoration War. Dominican art is displayed at the Centro León cultural center. The 17th-century Fortaleza San Luis is now a museum, with tanks and military equipment. Park Duarte has paths, tropical trees and a bandstand.

The modern, cosmopolitan city of Santiago de los Caballeros, or First Santiago de America as its native nickname goes, is located far from crowded touristy spots yet checks off all the requirements of an amazing holiday destination. Now, isn’t that ideal? With a history that dates back to 1495, the second largest Dominican city holds a strangely alluring charm, with its historical landmarks, excellent food scene, lofty mountain ranges, beautiful parks, an innate craze for baseball and, of course, the prominent industries of coffee, rum and tobacco.


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