Vacation In Virgin Gorda, BVI


The Virgin Gorda in the BVI in the Caribbean is uncrowded, uncommercialized and the crime rate is low. In addition, not only do you have the beaches to yourself, but locals do not disturb you with a sales pressures of any kind.

There is enough to do. The Baths offer an interesting place to explore and snorkel and if you want to hike, you can climb Gorda Peak. In addition, restaurants serve great food and you can meet the locals at the bars. However, Virgin Gorda is not for everyone and if you need scheduled activities, it may not be the place for you.

If there’s one natural site in the Virgin Island that reigns supreme, it’s The Baths. Located on Virgin Gorda’s southwestern side, a sea of prehistoric boulders dominate the landscape, creating little pools where visitors can take a dip and swim through a maze that’s been created by the rock formation.

Maybe spend a night exploring Saba Rock and the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, then head to The Baths early in the morning to get a mooring and head in. If you’re boating in the area, make it your objective to head to The Baths as early as possible. We arrived shortly before 9AM and were already greeted by a number of tourists off of a small cruise ship. If you can get in before 8 a.m., you’ll have a better chance of experiencing The Baths on your own. Dinghies stay further afield to prevent the shoreline from being crowded and to protect snorkelers and swimmers. It was a red flag day on the morning we visited so we jettisoned the idea of snorkeling. On a calmer day, swimming and snorkeling near the boulders add to exploratory mission. 

The Cathedral is the iconic shot that many have seen from The Baths; a few huge boulders that create a perfect triangular pathway. The Cathedral allegedly got its name from the acoustics within the space and from the colors of the lights that reflect off the boulders that create stained-glass effect. The Baths National Park is expansive though and includes much more than just The Cathedral. Set off with the intention of exploring, crawling and climbing and you’ll almost certainly find little protected coves free from other people. We found ourselves playing in pools on our own and swimming through shallow water passages created by the rocks. If you’re traveling with young children, you’ll want to keep a watchful eye on where they’re meandering (there are plenty of little nooks to climb into and currents that can be a bit strong on rougher days). If you’re traveling in an adults-only group with a desire for more adventure, The Baths are an absolute adult playground. Prepare to climb, duck and army crawl your way through to find some stunning areas that will have you absolutely believing that this was a pirate’s haven.


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