Vacation In Nevis Island


Nevis is one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean. Vividly green with blue skies, clean air and long empty beaches, Nevis has a pace of life that encourages you to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty around you. It's a very special place famed for its charm and the easy-going genuineness of its people. Come and discover this remarkable jewel for yourself.

It's one of two islands that make up the country of St Kitts and Nevis. The other one is, as you may have guessed, St. Kitts. Nevis, in some ways, feels lost to time. There are no movie theaters, traffic lights, train stations, souvenir stands, chain stores or fast food places. You're as likely to see a donkey or monkey crossing the road as a human pedestrian. Its harbor isn't big enough to fit most cruise ships and the single-lane runway can only handle propeller planes. 

Despite being a half-hour ferry ride away from its larger sibling island, Nevis feels like a totally different world -- and that's intentional. Locals will tell you that Nevisians go to St. Kitts to see the latest Hollywood release or have a night bar-hopping with friends, while Kittitians head to Nevis for peace and quiet. These two islands aren't rivals; they're a complementary pair. 

Nevisians (nuh-visions) are the kind of people who know each other by nickname instead of given name and who often choose to get permission from community elders before getting engaged or entering a serious relationship.


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