Vacation In Nassau, Bahamas


From structural limestone walls, handcut passageways and rusted old cannons protecting the harbour’s entrance, it’s difficult to enter downtown Nassau without noticing the influence of piracy. Nassau’s harbour was once riddled with lawless activity, during The Golden Age of Piracy between 1690-1720 and was renown as a pirate’s paradise, which attracted the greatest concentration of pirates ever seen in The New World. 

With over 700 islands and 2,000 cays sprinkled across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas can be kind of confusing without a guide. Lucky for you, we've got you covered. The most popular islands you've probably heard of are New Providence, home to Nassau and Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island. However, there are numerous other small islands that make up the Bahamas and they're typically known as the Out Islands. 

These beautiful, more pristine islands are true gems in the Caribbean. The most popular tourist region in the Out Islands is the Abacos. But whether you stay on the mainlands or adventure to the Out Islands, you'll love every minute in the Bahamas.


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