Visiting Paju, South Korea


Paju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Paju was made a city in 1997; it had previously been a county. The city area is 672.78 km² and it is located just south of Panmunjeom on the 38th parallel.

To some urban dwellers, the ascetic minimalism of Paju Book City may make it seem like a stylish but sterile place without much to do. But to the bibliophiles, cinephiles and design enthusiasts, Paju Book City offers more substantial pleasures than just exclusivity. 

Paju Book City may be more about architecture than art, but the art that is available is characterized by tactility and practicality. Instead of department stores and Internet cafés, there are art galleries and book cafés and bookstores loaded with books in Korean, Japanese or English. 

There is no heavy traffic and the widely spaced buildings and lack of taxis force you to walk along artfully unkempt strip of wetland that runs through the neighborhood. 

In 2015, the population of Paju was over 427,000. Jeju International Airport is the 2nd largest airport in South Korea, just behind Incheon Airport in Incheon. It is located in the city of Jeju. The airport opened in 1968.


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