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Edirne is a city in the northwest of Turkey. In the center of the city, the 16th-century Selimiye Mosque, built by architect Mimar Sinan, is considered an Ottoman classic, with a large dome and 4 minarets. The Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, inside the mosque complex, has religious and ethnographic displays dating from the Ottoman era. The nearby 15th-century Üç Şerefeli Mosque has 3 balconies on one of its minarets.

Edirne, formerly Adrianople or Hadrianople, city, extreme western Turkey. It lies at the junction of the Tunca and Maritsa (Turkish: Meriç) rivers, near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. The largest and oldest part of the town occupies a meander of the Tunca around the ruins of an ancient citadel. Edirne’s site and turbulent history were determined by its strategic position on the main route from Asia Minor (Anatolia) to the Balkans.

The centre of the city has several beautiful mosques and other buildings of note. The most spectacular of these is the Mosque of Selim (Selimiye Cami), a masterpiece of the celebrated Ottoman court architect Sinan. Built between 1569 and 1575, the mosque lies on the summit of rising ground and dominates the skyline. The mosque’s main structure comprises a succession of 18 small domes dominated by a huge central dome resting on eight columns with three-balconied minarets on four sides. The mosque forms an architectural whole, with adjacent complementary buildings, school, library and theological college, now housing archaeological and ethnographic museums. The mosque complex was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. The Mosque of Bayezid (Bayezid Cami), built by Sultan Bayezid II in 1488, has a great dome supported by four walls and an elegant marble niche pointing toward Mecca. Bedesten is a restored 15th-century covered bazaar.

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