Private Jet and Helicopter Sales

Private Jet and Helicopter Sales

There are many reasons to use private jets. The general reasons that we hear most often are listed below: 

  •  Time saving: this is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. 
  •  Convenience: There are over 5,000 airports in the US that private planes can use (vs 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft). This means you can often land closer to your true destination. 
  •  Flexibility: Planes can be available at a few hours notice and can wait for you if you're running late. It's even possible to change flight plans in mid flight if necessary.
  •  Quality of service: Private planes provide luxury furnishings, plenty of space, individualized attention and your preferred food and drinks can be ordered ahead of time.
  •  Family time: spend more time with your friends and family by reducing travel time and not having to spend as many overnights away from home.
  •  Privacy - our overall travel will also be far less visible when you're on a private plane, so helping preserve the secrecy around important negotiations or deals.
  •  Reduced stress: without the lines, waiting, lost luggage, transfers, delay concerns or security issues of commercial flights you'll be a lot more relaxed.
  •  Image - a private plane projects a well run, efficient, successful individual or organization, that values time and can afford private air travel. 

Aircraft ownership might seem like a dream for the average person, but those who have gone through the buying process know that buying an airplane can be a real nightmare of paperwork, tax forms, documentation and a host of technical issues that need to be addressed.

The decision to acquire a corporate aircraft should be closely followed by a decision to partner in this process with a company that will bring their brokering experience and current market knowledge to the table. A mistake at this point, or the choice to handle an acquisition 'in-house', could result in lost opportunities - or worse - an acquisition that will rapidly become a liability. At Executive Fliteways, our personnel have brokered scores of aircraft in all types of economic climates. We will survey the pre-owned market and recommend the best aircraft or we will work with the manufacturer to procure and outfit a new jet. In either case, our client can rest assured that their new acquisition is the best value in the market place... the right aircraft at the right price.

Our experience in aircraft sales, along with our online JetNet software, gives the prospective aircraft buyer timely market information that translates into advantage when purchasing an aircraft. After a particular aircraft is selected for acquisition, we will handle all details including negotiation, documents, pre-purchase technical inspection, test flight, closing, final acceptance and delivery. 

Sales? Whether trading up, down, or out... the same experience is applied at your side of the table. Give us a call at 1.800.533.3363 to discuss your specific needs.

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