Private Jets: Fractional Ownership Pluses and Minuses

Fractional Jet Ownership Benefits

The Advantages of Fractional Ownership are:

  •  You get to use the same make & model airplane you have ownership interests in, most of the time using the exact same airplane
  •  You don't need to worry about management issues, like maintenance, inspections, permits, pilot training, hangaring, refueling, insurance and other issues
  •  No worries about unpredictable ownership expenses
  •  Always enjoy the features and comforts of the airplane you hold an interest in
  •  Knowing the pilots and crews working you airplane

The Disadvantages of Fractional Ownership are:

  •  You are limited to particular airplane, or possibly a few airplane models you can fly
  •  You are in a long-term contract with limited aircraft availability and usage restrictions
  •  You have ongoing contractual payments regardless of you flight needs or schedules
  •  You cannot select the optimal aircraft for the range of your flight
  •  You cannot select the optimal aircraft for the number of passengers you want to take along

Private Charter Advantages over Fractional Ownership

  •  Always choose the best aircraft for the upcoming charter flight
  •  Always chose the most suitable aircraft for the number of passengers on the charter flight
  •  Choose from all aircraft categories, from turbo-prop airplanes, light jets, medium jets and heavy jets, as well as helicopters of all sizes to precisely suite your flight mission.
  •  There are no expenses or contractual obligation beyond the flight you charter
  •  There are no long-term contracts and budgetary burdens once you pay for the charter flight
  •  You can always select an aircraft Make & Model you want, not one under a long-term contract
  •  Private jet charter flights give you the utmost in flexibility for both the aircraft you fly and what you spend and being certain you got the best deal for each flight without worry about long-term contracts that may work against your long-term financial interests and needs.


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