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Buying or selling a private jet can be a lengthy process—but you don’t have to do it alone. If you are in the market for a private aircraft or we can help you through every step of the acquisition or sale.

Our qualified aircraft sales and acquisitions team provides the framework to support you with the multitude of decisions that come with acquiring a private jet.

The EFI sales team strives to be the best in comparative aircraft analysis, price negotiations and regulatory interpretation. We implement our company values of attention to detail, quality and fun into everything we do and that is why we are the best choice to manage your next aircraft sale or acquisition.


EXECUTIVE FLITEWAYS doesn’t only provide the most excellent aircraft charter, but we also have a variety of private jets for sale. Our aircraft sales and acquisitions services cater to your specific needs for luxury air travel. We can help you sell and buy the finest of all luxury aircraft. You simply won’t find more resourceful and courteous staff at any other luxury jet company.

When you turn to Executive Fliteways, the team of qualified professionals walks you through the process so that you get the exact aircraft you have always wanted. At Executive Fliteways, we are focused on you and your specific needs for luxury aircraft. Whether it is the first time you are looking to purchase a luxury private jet or you are looking for an additional aircraft to buy, let us walk you through the process of purchasing the best luxury aircraft on the market.


You won’t find any better company selling as luxurious, beautiful aircraft as Executive Fliteways. We strive to offer you only the best, which is why our selection is large and exquisite. Our company pays very close attention to every detail because we want you to have the finest, greatest quality aircraft. EXECUTIVE FLITEWAYS places a great focus on you as our customer. We want you to be proud of your luxury aircraft, which is why we aim to satisfy all of your needs. There is no greater company to turn to when you want to purchase the best of all luxury jets in South Florida. In fact, we will even let you place your aircraft charter with us while you are not using the luxury jet. Where else will you get as great benefits as those offered with Executive Fliteways?


With a qualified, professional and courteous aircraft sales team, you can depend on the information relayed to you from our lead experts at Executive Fliteways. We truly care about your well-being and want you to know all of the facts and specifications of your future aircraft. While there are serious decisions to take into account when purchasing a luxury aircraft, we hope it won’t be difficult to choose to purchase from us at Executive Fliteways. Always with your best interest at heart, Executive Fliteways strives to provide you great customer service with the best of all luxury private jets for sale.

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  • Aircraft sales & aircraft acquisitions
  • Aircraft regulatory compliance
  • Financing
  • Tax effective aircraft management
  • Auditing
  • Aircraft import & export
  • Cost management analysis


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