Executive Fliteways' Client Testimonials

EFI Client Testimonials

New York Community Bank (NYCB) wrote: "We've flown with other charters on Long Island before, but Executive Fliteways is still the best for our needs. Highly recommend them. They're a really good outfit. " J.D.- Business charter client

"Executive Fliteways has always gone above and beyond to cater to all of our private jet charter needs and requirements. With the ever-changing nature of our business, they've catered to the evolving details of our requirements with professionalism and understanding. We can't thank you guys enough. " - Jimmy D. - Business charter client

"We've booked all of our private jets and helicopters with EFI for about 17 years now. My family would never use a different charter company. We're always provided with a dedicated concierge who has the highest customer service competence and compassion compared to any other company I know of or that I've worked with." Sandra R. - Personal charter client 

"We've used EFI for years. They provide us with the best aircraft and an always-friendly and accommodating flight crew." Laci A. - Personal charter client

"...a reliable and trustworthy source of luxury jet aircraft travel. Not all of these companies are!" Donovan R. - Personal charter client

"EFI always fulfills our last-minute helicopter needs for our demanding executive board." Anthony R. - Business charter client

"My meeting room in the sky is now complete. Excellent on-board service for our trip to NY from?LA. The flight attendant was amazing and the food I requested was even better. I highly recommend EFI." Lucas C. - Personal charter client 

"Your customer service is unparalleled. It couldn't be better. Thanks everyone." J.A. Williams - Personal charter client

"They are super quick and efficient in dealing with all of our seemingly crazy requests, at any time of the day or night. Call James and he will help you out." KMR - Personal charter client

“EFI recently helped us with all of the aspects of my family’s transportation - literally from door-to-door. Their helpfulness, willingness, courtesy and attention to detail, plus the quality of aircraft and level of service were excellent and thoughtful in every way. A high recommendation." Jahneca W. Personal charter client

"We will definitely use EFI again. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a relaxing and luxurious private jet experience.” James D. - Aircraft owner/client

"...everything was fantastic, thanks guys!"Anonymous

"The crew at Executive went above and beyond - in terms of service to provide my group with the most luxurious and convenient travel arrangements."

"Whether you're flying for business or pleasure (which I've flown for both with EFI) they ensure that your needs and requests are met. The crew prides themselves on their flawless attention to detail." Tyler - R. Business/personal charter client

"Very fast quote. Excellent pricing. Strong safety rating. My trip to the Bahamas was excellent. No complaints."Anonymous

"The low approach over Baltimore was a nice touch by our Captain Jimmy T.... My kids appreciated that spectacular close up view of the inner harbor - and we didn't ask for it. Thanks Captain!"Anonymous

"James and the guys at EFI made my last minute flight to the Masters from Southampton possible. Their price was competitive but their services were second to none.?James and his team responded to each call (and a few texts) in a matter of seconds."? William J. Business - charter client

"EFI took care of every detail - from the flight, the paperwork, the hotel room, our transportation and everything in between airports and our home. That was unexpected and greatly appreciated." Anonymous charter client

"We were impressed with all aspects of their operation." Anonymous charter client

"I will definitely fly with you guys again."  Anonymous charter client


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