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The world of corporate aviation, like most industries in the modern world, can be a complex and daunting environment. But information is still king. Correct information is a key part of any successful business decision. Our research department will provide you with the most accurate, timely and complete market information available, making your aircraft buying or selling decision as informed, yet as simple as possible.

Our 39 years of aviation experience in the market are unparalleled in the industry. We have bought and sold hundreds of aircraft over the years for ourselves and for our clients. Lenders, manufacturers and clients - worldwide - actively inquire about our expertise in the marketplace. With market conditions and values fluctuating often having the best possible information to facilitate your decision making is absolutely essential.

Executive Fliteways uses its expertise to help the potential aircraft buyer avoid costly errors. Our personnel will assist the potential aircraft buyer in the following areas:

  •  Identifying the right aircraft for the buyer's intended itineraries and needs
  •  Conducting a thorough and systematic market search of available pre-owned aircraft
  •  Liaison with manufacturers for new aircraft acquisitions
  •  Identification of the best values for available pre-owned aircraft
  •  Negotiation and coordination of sale, pre-purchase inspection and delivery of aircraft
  •  Coordination of completion or modification of aircraft after purchase
  •  Pairing of partner companies for shared ownership 
  •  Certification of aircraft under Part 135 - if required


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