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Our aircraft management history shows that roughly 50% of our aircraft owners experience economic swings and want to find another revenue stream to help cover aircraft fixed costs such as hangar, pilot salaries, insurance, capital costs and maintenance. The main concern an aircraft owner usually has is that someone else isn’t going to carefully watch over, fly and manage their aircraft as well as they would.

The reality is the opposite when working with an experienced charter operator like EFI. There is usually more financial risk involved when an aircraft is operated without an experienced management team. Why? Resources and experience. The reality is that when matched with the right management company you get an entire aviation team making sure that the aircraft is used to the best extent possible. It's our experience that there is more value to the owner engaging in a charter/management agreement, whereby the management company uses the aircraft to complete charter flights, with the owner’s permission, to produce revenue to help offset the fixed costs mentioned above.

When our aircraft management clients choose to charter their aircraft in accordance with Part 135 of the Federal Aviation regulations, they have the option of offering the aircraft to EFI's extensive charter client list. This alternative turns their aircraft and crew into an income producing asset that can help to defray some of the fixed operating costs as well as the costs of owner flights under Part 91. In fact, the large majority of private aircraft owners certify their aircraft under Part 135, if only to charter to a related entity under an arms-length agreement. Executive Fliteways has broad experience in all types of Part 135 arrangements and can answer most questions a new owner would have on this area of operation.

Through a well-designed management program, aircraft owners may benefit from all the advantages of aircraft ownership without any of the administrative, regulatory and operational burdens. We screen and hire flight and management crews, supervise all aspects of aircraft maintenance, monitor compliances, provide travel support and scheduling assistance for the owner and handle all administrative details of private ownership. Our management options are numerous and are customized for each aircraft owner. 

The management of an asset as costly and complex as a corporate jet requires expertise and attention to detail. At Executive Fliteways, we pride ourselves in the time and effort put forth to provide the most cost effective and timely use of the management client's aviation asset. Through more than forty years of management experience, we know that there is a thin line between an aircraft being considered indispensable or indefensible.

Our management services are tailored to our clients' needs and may include any or all of the following: 

  • ¬†Certification of the aircraft for commercial charter operations under FAR Part 135
  • Tracking, coordination, record keeping and completion of all necessary aircraft maintenance
  • Interviewing, hiring, scheduling and supervision of flight crews and maintenance personnel
  • Scheduling , dispatch and flight following of all flight activities
  • Preparation of monthly management reports for owners

At Executive Fliteways, we have always understood that we do not simply provide air transportation from point A to point B, but that our purpose is to increase the productive time in a business day. 

We screen, hire and train flight crews, provide 24/7 scheduling, dispatch and flight following, supervise all aspects of aircraft maintenance, monitor compliances, provide travel support and scheduling assistance for the owner and handle all administrative details of private ownership. Each month a detailed, itemized and customized statement is provided to the aircraft owner for his accounting purposes. 

Our management options include charter management programs that are governed by both Part 91 and Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations as well as Part 91 only programs. Each program is designed and tailored to suit the specific needs of each aircraft owner.


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