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EFI believes maintaining your jet aircraft is a collaboration. From scheduled maintenance to major overhauls and inspections, we treat every aircraft as if it were ours. As an aircraft owner or operator, you’ll appreciate the communication you receive regarding every detail of your airplane’s time in our three New York-area facilities.

Escape the stress and time-wasting hassles of flying commercially with New York jet charter service from Executive Jet Management. Add hours of time to your day by avoiding long security lines, missed connections and delayed or canceled flights associated with commercial travel.

Travel on your schedule, with the ability to depart from or arrive into any of the various New York-area airports including, but not limited to: Teterboro Airport, Westchester County Airport, Morristown Municipal Airport, Republic Airport, Long Island Mac Arthur Airport, La Guardia Airport, John F Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

How our New York jet charter service can work for you:

Our Long Island facility (at MacArthur Airport in Islip NY) is an FAA Part 91/135 certified repair station operating continuously since 1981. We offer routine airframe and power plant maintenance, modifications, repairs and pre-purchase inspections on all general aviation aircraft, from single engine planes to executive jet aircraft. We are specialists offering our maintenance services for Cessnas, Challengers, Beechcraft, Globals, Citations, Bells, Lears and Sikorkys (among othes). Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of support while delivering services on your schedule with the least amount of downtime.

When traveling for business or pleasure, consider the many benefits of using Executive Jet Management’s New York jet charter service for your flights to and from New York, New York and surrounding areas.

  • Eliminate the stress, frustration and wasted time associated with traveling commercially
  • Impeccable safety and security standards
  • Live customer service, available 24/7/365, to book or change any detail of your trip
  • Gain access to remote destinations, with the ability to visit 5,000 airports (vs. 500) using private jets over commercial airlines
  • Quotes are guaranteed
  • Ultra-personalized concierge services, including ground transportation, catering and destination accommodations
  • Enjoy a private, secure, confidential environment
  • Travel in a relaxed, comfortable setting
  • Custom Management Plans

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    Our Private Jet CHARTER Aircraft Fleet

    Light Jets: 8 Passengers

    A light jet is a category of small jets seating anywhere from 4 to 8 people (depending on configuration) and often with a maximum takeoff weight of under 10,000 pounds. Light jets are considered the lightest business jets and are approved for single pilot operation. Light jets are ideal for shorter trips for business meetings or family getaways.

    Midsized Jets: 10 Passengers

    Midsize jets – also referred to as mid-size jets, are great for long distance travel such as transcontinental flights or trips requiring larger passenger capacity (depending on configuration). Unlike a light jet rental, Mid-size private jets are incredibly versatile private aircraft, combining the comfort and space of larger personal planes, with the speed and agility of small private jets. Private jet speeds help the aircraft travel a range of over 5,000 nautical miles and typically seats 7 to 10 passengers.

    Super Mids: 16 Passengers

    Super mid-sized jets are designed to comfortably accommodate from 8 to 16 passengers (depending on configuration) - with substantial baggage space. Super mids can be chartered for international, non-stop transcontinental or mid-range travel with an average flight range of up to 9 hours of flight time - or 4,500 miles - in optimum conditions.

    Large Jets: 16 Passengers

    Large cabin jets have a cabin height of over six feet. Cabin width varies from nearly seven to over eight feet, while cabin length can range from 28 feet to nearly 50 feet. With endurance of 8 to 10 hours, many large cabin jets - like the Falcon 900 - are also designed for longer range flights such as New York to Paris. Large cabin jet cabin amenities can include WiFi, private lavatory, PlayStation video games, satellite phone, cabin attendant and a full galley.

    Turbo Props: 10 Passengers

    What sets turbo props apart is their versatility. Unlike other private jets, planes with a turbo prop engine don’t need a full runway for landing and take off; a short grass airstrip is more than enough. Which makes them perfect for taking the route less traveled. Made for short to medium journeys, turbo prop planes can land on grass airstrips and short runways. Turboprops are an economical way to fly, with room for eight to ten passengers.

    Helicopters: 13 Passengers

    While there are many reasons to take a chartered helicopter flight - the fact that for most it is a once in a lifetime experience is probably the most prominent. Helicopter flight in itself is an adventure that most people find thrilling. Making use of helicopter flights is also a great way to mark a special occasion and create new memories that will make a special day even more special.

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