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Executive Fliteways is a NY-based boutique private jet charter and aircraft management company dedicated to providing aircraft maintenance, charter, asset management, aircraft storage, ground support and aircraft sales and acquisition services. EFI holds the highest independent agency ratings available for their exemplary safety record, superior equipment and processes and strict adherence to best industry practices.

We understand that owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities. When you choose Executive Fliteways to aid the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on safety, security, and first-class service. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability.

One of the keys to our success is dedicating highly-experienced professionals to each client’s account and having an organizational structure that supports decentralized customer service delivery. All the services we provide to support you and your aircraft revolve around safety – our number one priority.

At Executive Fliteways, we have been managing a fleet of small-to-large jets for over 39 years - and we fully understand the high costs of owning a jet aircraft. Budgeting and costs can be complicated but Executive Fliteways takes pride in offering its owners a customized management experience with collaborative, negotiated agreements to meet all of your needs. Our full-service aircraft management services include all the value you expect — all customized to your needs.

EFI provides the trained, certified and dedicated flight and cabin crews. Our operations staff coordinates domestic and international flights, carefully arranging and managing all of the customs, clearances, catering and ground accommodations for a seamless and effortless experience. We provide our aircraft owners assurances that their asset is being handled professionally and efficiently by aviation professionals with over 700 years of collective experience.

Our philosophy of treating each aircraft as an individual business redefines the aviation industry's standard aircraft management business model and creates successful scenarios for aircraft owners and charter clients as well.

EFI's fleet of business jets fly personal travelers, corporations, executives, musicians, athletes, politicians, many high profile individuals that value their time and increased productivity without the hassles and inconvenience of airline travel. We perform scheduled line and base maintenance on a range of business aircraft types at our facilities. To ensure optimal passenger and crew safety, critical engineering tasks are reserved for our in-house engineers, who are among the most skilled and knowledgeable aviation technicians in the business. Whether owned or managed by EFI, every aircraft in the EFI family is precisely maintained according to the Traxall maintenance tracking and information system. The Traxall system monitors engine health and prescribes aircraft maintenance requirements, which are determined by compliance specialists for each specific make and model or aircraft. Our technical personnel follow manufacturer procedures and attend aircraft-specific training sessions to remain up-to-date on new advances in technology.

 Aircraft Management Services Provided

  • Hangar space at either of our 3 facilities in Teterboro, White Plains or Islip's MacArthur Airport
  • Aircraft management and consulting advice
  • Advise owner on all functions necessary for the operation, maintenance and administration of the aircraft
  • Assist with obtaining, maintaining and renewing insurance policies, as well as compliance with the policies
  • Negotiate with vendors to gain the most favorable pricing for all the products and services purchased on behalf of the owner
  • Oversee aircraft operating costs on behalf of owner
  • Arrange and assist with any extra projects such as refurbishments or aircraft modifications
  • Oversee maintenance to include providing parts and labor to owner when required
  • Ensure compliance with all FAA regulations, bulletins and service directives
  • Coordinate and implement all hiring and training of flight personnel

Flight Operations Management

  • Maintain a complete and accurate record of the qualifications, ratings, certificates and training of all flight crew members
  • Schedule and arrange appropriate training for flight crew members and oversee quality of training delivered
  • Robust management infrastructure to drive accountability and standardization
  • Access to Pilot Peer Group for continuing education
  • Arrange for and assist flight crews in maintaining all flight manuals including airways charts, approach plates, software and other documents and materials required to support aircraft operations
  • Monitor and maintain air carrier operations specifications (Ops Specs) if the aircraft is on the EFI Air Carrier Certificate
  • Periodically review industry wage rates for salary recommendations to owner

In addition, the following principles have been instituted by EFI. Adherence is mandatory for all crew members:

  • Company safety policy
  • Accident prevention and risk management
  • Incident, accident and hazard reporting
  • Flight and maintenance operations monitoring
  • Emergency incident response plan
  • Successful completion of flight physiology, computer training systems, international procedures training and crew resource management

Flight Operations & Dispatch

  • Provide flight scheduling on a 24-hour basis
  • Coordinate all flight requests including ferry, training, maintenance and owner flights
  • Establish and follow procedures for dispatching of aircraft and scheduling of pilots
  • Coordinate activities so the aircraft is fully operational and the aircraft and flight crews are positioned for departure at the scheduled time
  • Provide information on weather and other conditions that could reasonably be expected to impact the scheduled flight
  • Arrange for security of the aircraft, landing permits, clearances, handling, storage and catering
  • Assist with trip planning and documentation
  • Coordinate all ground transportation and hotel accommodations upon request
  • Provide flight following and communication services in connection with flights
  • Ensure that complete, accurate and timely logs and records are maintained per industry standards and regulatory requirements
  • Provide 24/7/365 coverage for any aircraft related needs, as well as centralized point of contact for all aircraft needs away from home base
  • Schedule, dispatch and track hours and trips on aircraft
  • Schedule crews, coordinate crew uniforms and crew duty times for trips

Maintenance Management

  • Schedule all inspections, modifications and repairs to comply with all applicable regulations, manufacturer’s instructions and repairs or modifications to comply with any other laws or regulations
  • Monitor warranty programs, parts and engine programs and any other programs to ensure the owner receives the maximum benefits available
  • Advise owner on equipment and modifications that may enhance the performance, utility, or aesthetics of the aircraft.
  • Supervise and monitor all training and technical capabilities of aircraft mechanics
  • Oversight of aircraft maintenance cost on behalf of owner
  • Provide FAA interface on all aircraft issues

Administration and Accounting

  • Manage and monitor all labor wages and benefit compliance issues; all state and federal agencies
  • Process payroll for all employees as well as monitor and administer all benefit programs
  • Assist employees with all payroll and benefit programs
  • Coordinate ongoing drug and alcohol testing program
  • Coordinate pre-employment screening and testing on replacement personnel
  • Provide EFI credit cards for payment of aircraft expenses (fuel, crew expenses, communications, ground transportation, etc.)
  • Detailed review of pass-through expenses for accuracy and approval including research and currency conversion of all international expenses
  • Research and resolve all disputed charges
  • Submit payment for all aircraft related bills including fuel, ramp fees, hangar rent/fees, airframe and engine support contracts, maintenance costs, client special requests, flight phone, etc
  • Establish and review flight crew travel and incidental expenses associated with owner use of aircraft
  • Provide a detailed monthly summary of costs incurred and revenue realized (if any) with regards to the operation of the aircraft
  • Record and administer all revenue or credits earned for each flight under any lease, time-sharing or interchange agreement
  • Record, monitor and report to owner the status on flight activity with regard to aircraft acquisition tax strategies.
  • Preparation of Aircraft Utilization Report for sales tax reporting
  • Maintain original copies of all aircraft operating costs for a minimum of 3 years and make available to owner for audit purposes
  • Assist owner in preparing any required federal excise tax returns with respect to any taxable information
  • Provide accounting for aircraft maintenance charges for labor, parts and outside services
  • Payment submission for all crew related costs including trip expenses, benefits, salaries, training, etc.
  • Collection, submission and reporting of all excise taxes
  • Liaison with flight crews to ensure all expenses are approved prior to payment
  • Research any discrepancies or issues that pertain to maintenance billings on owner’s behalf

We focus on charter revenue to help to offset the annual operating cost of aircraft ownership. Recognizing that charter management is multi-faceted, our experts develops a custom tailored operational, sales and marketing plan. Each plan focuses on maximizing revenue in ways which best suit our owners.

We deliver highly detailed, transparent reporting, as well as an opportunity to participate in our vendor service programs through our exclusive partnerships. We offer a comprehensive range of aircraft services including a full service maintenance facility based at MacArthur airport.

Cost Savings: 

Unmatched cost savings in key fixed and variable expense areas. The procurement power of the EFI fleet allows us to provide extensive cost savings and deep discounts for our owners.

Oversight and Compliance: 

We are ahead of the curve on regulatory requirements. EFI handles all your domestic and international behind-the-scenes safety and security requirements to make every flight hassle-free.

Reduce Costs: 

With our volume purchase programs in place, we leverage the volume of our fleet of jets to provide you with discounts on fuel, training, insurance and maintenance. Our programs for FAA Part 91 operations offer management solutions for a fixed monthly fee which is often lower than your savings from fleet discounts.

EFI aircraft owners have access to our Safety Management System (SMS) as well as the support of the entire flight dispatch, flight following, operations and concierge services to help with flight planning, accounting and crew management.

Increase Charter Revenue: 

Executive Fliteways is a certified FAA Part 91/135 air carrier with a worldwide operating certificate. EFI is ARG/US Platinum rated which attracts the charter customers who are willing to pay a premium for safety.

Our charter sales and marketing team reaches thousands of charter customers using highly targeted marketing campaigns to make sure your asset is receiving the attention it deserves. 

Transparency in Management: 

As an EFI jet owner, you will receive a monthly statement with all receipts, income and payments related to your jet. All aspects of your jet's use, maintenance, operation and charter-leasing-experience offers full transparency, from fuel and maintenance costs to charter revenue.

Flight Operations: 

Operate your aircraft with precision each and every flight. EFI manages all flight operations and crew activities to maximize the efficiency and productivity for your aircraft.

Risk Management: 

Reduce your operational, security, or financial risks. EFI will assess these risks and achieve greater safety and security goals for you and your aircraft.

Flight Crew: 

We hire, train and retain the best flight crew for all of your missions. Selecting only the best in the industry to serve as your crew, EFI will recruit, hire and train highly qualified crew members for your aircraft.

Finance Administration: 

Always know where you stand financially with EFI at all times. The EFI team will work closely with your designated financial representative to provide outstanding reporting and easy-to-comprehend invoices and monthly statements.

Aircraft Maintenance: 

Your aircraft is always in top flying condition. The EFI fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance requirements in private aviation today. Maintaining the highest safety standards is our first priority. In need of on-demand jet charter or jet charter cost estimate, trip support or an aircraft management team? Executive Fliteways private jet charter ensures that you travel in the safest, most efficient and comfortable manner possible. Offering 24-7 support, any one of our highly-qualified aviation personnel will gladly assist you around the clock. We maintain the highest safety standards and the best industry practices. We are Argus-audited. All of our operators surpass the FAA guidelines for safety checks and crew training. Audited aircraft operators include safety checks, security inspections and and complete privacy. Our flight following from takeoff to landing insures you have a travel companion in us - watching over you - from hundreds or thousands of miles away.


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