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Management Client And Owner Testimonials

My firm has been using the management services of Executive Fliteways for almost 20 years now. They supply their crews, engineers, pilots and in-flight crews for us. We don't have to worry about that at all. We've established a very good relationship with John, James, Drew and all the crews at EFI. We've never been let down by any aspect of what we need. At this point, EFI has an intuitive knowledge of what we need without us asking anymore. They just know and do it. This is the least we can do for you after you've been great to us for so long. Scott A.R. - Charter Operator

I'm a maintenance engineer who's supplied his services to Executive Fliteways for almost than 20 years now. I have worked in New York, California, Colombia, Turks and Caicos, Germany, The Azores, England and Ireland on their behalf. I have always found Nat and his staff most helpful and my invoices have always been paid - on time. I would personally recommend EFI to any contract aviation engineer or client. Anthony R. - Contractor

My thoughts on the purchase of my Lear 45 can only be absolutely positive and fully satisfied. Everything which you promised came true. L&L&L Trust - EFI Clients

John Grillo was very astute in the recent sale of our aircraft. His knowledge of the aviation market was impressive in setting expectations early on in the stressful process. His management of the process from inquiry to delivery was honest, professional and refreshing to my ownership group. Anthony R. - Former Client/Owner

EFI is a top notch outfit! We operate a small fleet of 3 Sikorsky copters and we've been completely satisfied with the maintenance program that Emily and her team set up for us. She found us the best mechanic there is to maintain our fleet and keep them in the air making money for us. Their team provides all of the airport operations, fueling, maintenance, cleaning, catering and all customs compliance at a professional level which integrated seamlessly with our corporate mantra. Plus they supply all the crew and maintenance schedules to provide superior, reliable service for our end users. Donovan R. - Charter Operator

Many thanks for your expertise. We were truly impressed on how quickly the Citation aircraft we purchased was delivered to Islip all the way from Montana. Smooth from start to finish. Lisa E. - Personal aircraft owner/EFI client

I bought a King Air 400 from a seller back in December. I found Executive to be very fair and helpful regarding the aircraft, and they still help me regarding advice, maintenance and crews. Sandra E. - Corporate Flight Department Manager

Having recently purchased a a share in a Challenger from ************** for myself and my friends, the aircraft was just as described. I found the experience very professional and their knowledge of the aviation market quite extensive. I would recommend them to my colleagues and would certainly purchase from them again. I'm a happy customer. Jim R.F. (and associates) - Member of a private shared ownership group

The EFI team played an invaluable role in the acquisition of my newest Cessna. From negotiations with the seller, guidance through the inspection and evaluation processes, to acceptance and delivery; they were keen to every detail ensuring my purchase was the right investment for my small company. Thom Z. - CEO

Public charters involve escrow accounting for passenger funds as required by the D.O.T. The financial management and accounting integration with our banking procedures is handled perfectly by Executive and in complete compliance with federal regulations and standard accounting practices. Joann C.E. - CFO

EFI has provided a lot of service for our clients when we needed them. We know that when we work with James and his team, everything will be handled in an efficient and professional manner which eliminates the nagging details of meeting schedules and needs of the end user. They really understand the special needs of our clients. Christina R. - Corporate Travel Agent/Officer

I just want to say a big thanks for everything John and Nat did for us over the last couple of weeks. They've been extremely helpful, and for putting me at ease with my decision to finally purchase an aircraft. I've had the most amazing time doing this deal and I've learned a lot from them about what I was getting myself into. I was a bit out of my comfort zone but EFI assured me this was the best financial decision I could make in my case. Rita C. - Small business owner

EFI has been maintaining our GV for a few years now. They are fantastic. The aircraft is always in tip-top shape in and out and it's in the air a lot - but it never worries us. All the best and good luck guys. Sal C. - Master Chef

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The rigors of personal or corporate travel on the scheduled airlines have caused many business travelers to access the convenience and flexibility of corporate aircraft charters. Since 1981, Executive Fliteways has provided upscale, personalized, seamless service to its corporate and leisure clientele. With one call, email or form submission, immediate itinerary and price information is available from our knowledgeable charter sales representatives, who will also make arrangements for hotels, ground transportation and in-flight catering as required.

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