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Private jet Charter flights FAQs

Is a private jet charter right for me?
Private jet charter is for anyone that needs to travel on their own schedule, has a time-sensitive task, requires security, wants to be on the ground much closer to their destination, needs confidentiality or simply wants a stress-free, private flight.

How much does it cost to charter a jet?
Hourly charter rates vary from about $1,200 to $9,000 per flight hour, depending on the type of aircraft you charter. Trip minimums are 2.0 flight hours per day. Additional charges may include overnights, landing and parking fees, catering, fuel surcharges, cabin attendant fees and Federal Excise Tax.

What is the difference between private jet aircraft flights and scheduled airline service?
There are two major differences between private jet charter flight and scheduled airline service: convenience and flexibility. While booking a flight with an FAA certified Part 135 air carrier like Executive Fliteways is usually more expensive, we provide a much higher degree of flexibility and convenience. With a charter from Executive Fliteways, Inc. your aircraft charter will fly on your schedule to the domestic or international destination of your choice (nearly 8,000 airports). Our service to both major and general aviation airports gives you access to more than fifteen times as many domestic destinations as scheduled airline service. In addition, we have international experience operating in more than 70 countries.

What level of support can I expect prior to and during my trip?
Your dedicated Executive Fliteways, Inc. representative will assist you with planning every aspect of your trip. Our licensed dispatchers will provide flight following and any other necessary assistance during your flight. Our expert operations control center is open and available 24/7 to provide support before, during or after your flight.

Are children and pets allowed on private jets?
There are no age restrictions for passengers on private jets. Please note, however, we will not transport unaccompanied minors under the age of 18. Domestic pets are allowed on some aircraft. Make sure to let your charter sales representative know if you will be traveling with a pet so we can accommodate your request. Please note that exotic animals may not be allowed, especially on international flights. It is important to note that our journeys are designed with adults in mind, including the menus and alcohol service.

What about catering?
We have relationships with gourmet catering companies all over the world. From a basic sandwich platter (included on all flights) to surf and turf with champagne and beluga caviar, your in-flight dining options are limited only by your imagination. We have relationships with some of the finest restaurants in the world and are happy to arrange catering from them or any restaurant you choose.

What beverages are included?
All beverages, including alcohol, are included while on board our private jet. All lunches and dinners include beer, soft drinks, and selected wines and liquors.

What is Executive Fliteway’s stance on safety?
Executive Fliteways is ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Level Three. Every aspect of our operations at EFI revolves around an unwavering commitment to safety. To ensure maximum safety for our customers and ourselves, all aircraft operated by EFI are IS-BAO Registered, ARGUS Platinum Rated, Wyvern Approved and have a robust Safety Management System (SMS) plus a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP). All charter flights are tracked by FAA licensed dispatchers in our 24/7 Operation Control Center.

Are there arrangements for single travelers?
We absolutely welcome single travelers and provide equal accommodations and experiences for both single travelers and those travelling with companions.

How much luggage can I take? Are golf clubs allowed on private jets?
Like scheduled airline service, private jets also have weight limits with regard to the amount of luggage that can be stowed during a trip. Items such as skis and golf clubs are allowed as long as they conform to the dimensions and weight limits of the aircraft. These weight limits vary by aircraft type. Ask our representative if you have concerns about excess baggage or special items to be included in your luggage.

Do I need visas for the trip?
Each international itinerary has different visa requirements. When you book your trip, we will outline visa and passport requirements and help facilitate the procurement of any visas. Please note that every international traveler will need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the travel dates.

Do you own your aircraft? Who does own them?
Executive Fliteways is a jet management company. Our aircraft are owned by individuals or companies and are under our control and command for all charter flights.

What is the frequency of mechanical issues?
While rare, mechanical issues do happen. A major advantage of chartering with EFI is our worldwide operator network. This allows us flexibility in securing a replacement aircraft quickly. The replacement aircraft will be in the same category as the originally specified aircraft (light/mid/super-mid/heavy). When arranging flights, we always investigate potential backup aircraft so that should a mechanical problem arise, we are able to find a replacement quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

Can you guarantee aircraft availability?
Yes, we can guarantee that you will be in the air in 4 hours or less.

How old on average are the private jets I will be flying on?
Typically, all aircraft our clients fly on are model year 2000 or later. If a suitable, earlier model aircraft is available at materially lower cost to our clients, we will discuss the pros/cons of that aircraft with you.

May I specify the aircraft I want to fly on by aircraft type? Or just a general category?
You may specify either a specific type of aircraft or class, depending on your personal preference and flexibility. A major advantage of dealing with EFI is our extensive operator network, which offers virtually every type of business aircraft currently in service.

What separates you from other companies?
First and foremost, our service sets us apart from our competition. We are a boutique, 36-year-old company that prides itself on our personal touch. All travel arrangements are made by a personally assigned representative who also serves as a concierge. We ensure that you that we will choose the best aircraft for your particular needs and that the experience is personalized for you and your guests. Further, we are members of the NBAA and Avinode Charters networks, affording us access to thousands of aircraft outside of our vendor network.

Are you regulated by the FAA?
All of our charter flights operate under FAA Part 135 regulations.  FAA Part 135 Regulations are materially more stringent than Part 91.

What are Wyvern & ARG/US?
Wyvern and ARGUS are third-party auditing agencies that maintain stringent safety standards that go well beyond the statutory FAA regulations.

Who maintains the private jets?
Our own highly-trained ground and maintenance crews maintain the aircraft, as well as manufacturers’ maintenance facilities for special maintenance inspections and procedures.

How often are they maintained?
All of aircraft are under inspection / scheduled maintenance programs as mandated by the manufacturer and the FAA.

Who employs the pilots?
Executive Fliteways employs and trains the pilots.

How much liability insurance is maintained?
Between $50M and $300M of liability insurance is maintained depending on the aircraft.

How much experience do the pilots have?
Each pilot has a minimum of 2500 hours in the specific type of aircraft. All of our pilots are type specific and assigned to one particular aircraft.

Is there ample seating/headroom/baggage space?

What about cabin height?

How much baggage do they accommodate?
We will work with you to ensure that the dimensions of your baggage will fit in the aircraft you will be traveling on.

May I use my cell phone on the private jet?
Cell phone service is generally available during taxi, take-off and landing. Because of the altitude that business aircraft operate (40k+ feet), cell phone coverage during flight is generally limited. In-air telephone service is available at additional cost.

Is there Wi-Fi on the private jet?
Most of our private jets have on-board Wi-Fi. If this is a priority for you and your guests, we will ensure that you are on a Wi-Fi equipped aircraft.

How close am I to the nearest airport?
There are over 8,000 airports that are serviced by business aircraft in the world. We will work with you to determine the closest airport as well as other options that may be available to different aircraft.

How about ground transportation?
We have relationships with several global limousine services with options ranging from basic sedans to stretch SUVs. We are happy to arrange ground transportation custom tailored to your needs on your behalf. Your representative will actively follow your flight while it’s in the air and ensure that ground transportation is on the tarmac waiting for you upon your arrival. We will also personally pick you up or drop you home .

What if I want to change my flight?
We will be happy to accommodate flight changes,before or during flights.

How do I pay for the trip?
We accept credit cards, bank wire transfers, or ACH as payment.

Do flights have to be paid for up front?
Typically, all flights must be paid prior to the trip unless other arrangements have been made.

Will there be hidden fees and surcharges?
No, the price you are quoted is all-inclusive and factors in all taxes, fees and surcharges.

What are possible after-flight charges?

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