We're A Proud Air Charter Safety Foundation Member

Proud Air Charter Safety Foundation Member

Membership in the ACSF primarily includes Part 135 certificate holders, with the balance to include OEMs, brokers, insurers, customers, airports and safety professionals. Regular members are aircraft operators, management companies and brokers, while Associate members are suppliers, vendors and consultants to aircraft operators. Affiliate members are other non-profit institutions and government organizations.

EFI Is A Committed Safety Culture

What is safety culture? It is the way safety is perceived, valued and prioritized in an organization. It reflects the real commitment to safety at all levels in the organization. It has also been described as "how an organization behaves when no one is watching". Safety culture is not something you get or buy; it is something an organization acquires as a product of the combined effects of organizational culture, professional culture and, often, national culture. Safety culture can therefore be positive, negative or neutral. Its essence is in what people believe about the importance of safety, including what they think that their peers, superiors and leaders really believe about safety as a priority.


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