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Our Most Commonly-used American Airports

Denver's Centennial Airport (AFA)

Denver's Centennial Airport code APA


  • 7 miles to Colorado University
  • 8 miles to Aurora, Colorado
  • 14 miles to downtown Denver
  • 16 miles to Mile High Stadium
  • 21 miles to Colorado Springs

Florida's Fort Lauderdale Airport (FXE)

Florida's Fort Lauderdale Airport Code FXE


  • 3 miles to Atlantic beaches and shoreline
  • 4 miles to Port Everglades
  • 6 miles to Fort Lauderdale beach
  • 7 miles to Hollywood Florida
  • 13 miles to North Miami

New York's Islip Macarthur Airport (ISP)

Islip Macarthur Airport - Code ISP


  • 6 miles to the Atlantic beaches and shoreline
  • 29 miles to Dune Road, Southhampton, New York
  • 32 miles to Jones Beach, New York
  • 52 miles to East Hampton, New York
  • 59 miles to midtown Manhattan

Chicago's Midway Airport (MDW)

Chicago's Midway Airport Code MDW


  • 7 miles to downtown Chicago
  • 9 miles to Oak Park, Illinois
  • 12 miles to the Magnificent Mile
  • 29 miles to Gary, Indiana
  • 31 miles to Joliet, Illinois

Florida's Opa-Locka Executive Airport (OPF)

Florida's Opa_locka Executive Airport - Code OPF


  • 5 miles to Hialeah
  • 8 miles to central Miami
  • 17 miles to South Beach
  • 32 miles to Everglades National Park
  • 43 miles to Boca Raton, Florida

California's San Jose Airport (SJC)

San Jose Airport Code SJC


  • 8 miles to central San Jose
  • 10 miles to Silcon Valley
  • 12 miles to Mountain View
  • 18 miles to Palo Alto
  • 43 miles to San Francisco

New Jersey's Teterboro Airport (TEB)

New Jersey's Teterboro Airport Code TEB
  • 5 miles to the Meadowlands Sports Complex and MetLife Stadium
  • 12 miles to Madison Square Garden
  • 13 miles to Newark
  • 14 miles to the Banking District, midtown Manhattan
  • 16 miles to Wall Street, lower Manhattan

Los Angeles' Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Los Angeles Van Nuys Airport - Code VNY


  • 5 miles to Pasadena
  • 6 miles to Sherman Oaks
  • 10 miles to Studio City
  • 13 miles to Burbank
  • 18 miles to the heart of Los Angeles

Westchester/White Plains Airport (HPN)

Westchester White Plains Airport - Code HPN


  • 5 miles to Greenwich
  • 7 miles to Westchester
  • 13 miles to Stamford
  • 28 miles to northern Manhattan
  • 32 miles to midtown Manhattan

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