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A Letter From Our Founder: John W. Grillo

It always fascinates me when I look at how the aircraft charter and management industry has evolved since 1981 when we flew our first charter flights as an FAA certified Part 135 airline.? While the aircraft and companies involved in our business have increased, the number of FAA Part 135 operators has been reduced by almost 50%!? While the industry has grown, increased efficiency and the rigors of this 24/7/365 business, along with waves of consolidation, have made many aviation companies call it a day.

While I muse about these sea changes in the industry, I think back to the many evolutionary changes in our own company which have allowed us not only to survive but to thrive in today’s faster paced, internet guided, mobile-device fueled world. The adaptability of our policies and procedures along with our superb managers and employees has been one part of our success. The other component has been our stubborn and unyielding adherence to the principles that we idealistically set forth when we began: flight safety and customer service. I guarantee you that this will never change at Executive Fliteways.

Thanks you for visiting our website and we hope to have you on our company’s private jets in the near future.

John W. Grillo, Founder, EFI.


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