The selection of the correct aircraft for your needs will be based on several factors.

How many passengers will be traveling? Passenger seating and baggage capability varies greatly from one level of aicraft to the next.

How far apart are the departure and arrival airports? Will you be traveling coast to coast, down to the Caribbean, or off to Europe, Asia and ports beyond? Obviously the smaller aircraft categories are going to be limited in range whereas the larger cabin aircraft can take you comfortably to any destination you desire.

What level of comfort and luxury will you require? Smaller cabin aircraft generally will not include flight attendants to atttend to your inflight needs. Catering and amenities will always be available to some level, but if you will be requiring a hot meal, you'll likely require and aircraft that includes cabin service.

Inflight Cabin Service

The convenience and luxury of flying in your own private charter is enhanced by the in-flight passenger experience. Your time is valuable and we ensure that the time you spend with us is exactly how you want it. From the moment you board our private jet aircraft until the moment you reach your destination, our goal is to provide you with the best service and comforts possible. Our cabin safety attendants will not only ensure you physical well-being; they also ensure that your trip is everything you want it to be.

Traveling between business meetings? Prepare for your next appointment on board or unwind with a movie on our onboard DVD/LCD entertainment system. Looking to really relax? The bed on our Gulfstream IV offers true comfort and since this is your own private charter, nobody will bother you. Looking for some refreshments? The cabin safety attendants can provide you with complimentary beverages and snacks. Moreover, if you prefer, you can have just about anything you desire catered for your private charter.

Contact a charter representative at 1-800-533-3363 or electronically to discuss catered meals or any other special request you may have for you next private air charter with Executive Fliteways.