Image of an executive on a cell phone outside of a Lear Jet

What does an aircraft management company like EFI do?

The management of an asset as costly and complex as a corporate business jet requires an attention to detail that exceeds the scope of most companies. At Executive Fliteways, we pride ourselves in the time and effort put forth to provide the most cost-effective and timely use of the management client's aviation asset. After many years of aircraft management experience, we know that there is a truly thin line between a private jet being an asset or a liability.

Our aircraft management services are tailored to our clients’ needs and may include any or all of the following:

  • Certification of the aircraft for commercial charter operations which generate revenue to help defray costs of ownership
  • Procuring flight crews and maintenance personnel
  • Scheduling, dispatching and flight-following of all flights in aircraft
  • Preparation of monthly management reports and operational cost analyses for owners

Let Executive Fliteways Assist You

The rates for aircraft management vary with the type of aircraft and level of service provided. We ask that you contact Executive Fliteways with any specific questions or for a quote and more information on any aircraft that you currently own or are considering to buy.